Saturday, February 25, 2012

What Color Does THIS Make?

Gina Levevsque presented a terrific program at the last Guild meeting on the topic of dying with natural stuff, which is stuff you might find around your yard or out in the woods.  

Gina is a wild life biologist, spends a lot of time outdoors, spends her free time going to classes and workshops and REALLY knows her stuff.  In addition to being a spinner, knitter, stitcher, and weaver, she teaches dying classes at fiber festivals and at the Stillwater Multi-Arts Center.  The Guild was fortunate to have Gina do a presentation for us.

The Guild got the benefit of Gina's in depth knowledge as she presented a program for all the senses, except taste.  (Annie brought king cakes to share, so taste got covered elsewhere).  We got to see a slideshow presentation, listen to Gina speak, and touch and feel samples of wool fabric and yarn she has dyed.  In addition, Gina had a dyepot going on an electric burner as she demonstrated the color achieved by dying with pomegranate rinds.  Displaying a bit of dyer's alchemy, Gina added a pinch of iron to the pot and viola! and got a deeper richer color of the gold-ish green produced by pomegranate rinds.  

Afterward, Guild members got to leaf through Gina's books, shake bottles of lichens, walnut hulls, pulverized bark, and flower buds used for dying while asking Gina repeatedly,  

"what color does this make?"

If you want to make your own colors--and you know you do--you can buy natural dye products, mordants, books, etc from Gina.  
--You can see (or buy) Gina's dyed fabric and wool or dying materials at her Etsy store--link HERE.  
--You can read about Gina's adventures in her blog: link HERE
-- Other contact information for Gina is available in the February Newsletter, the link for which is found in the post previous to this. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Meeting & Natural Dying

Tulsa Handspinners will meet this Saturday, February 18.  Gina Levesque will present a program on dying with natural materials.  Don't miss this meeting.  More details can be found in the Newsletter. 

There might even be a video of the Roc Day parade/presentation--you wouldn't want to miss THAT!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Spin IN !!!!

Come spin with us on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 from 6pm-9pm at Barnes and Noble on 71st Street in Tulsa.  We'll be in the music department.  See you there!